Ranih / ˈræn.i / – Harvest

Project Ranih

A project to harvest the folksongs for Kelabit children – chants, lullabies, action-songs – their meanings and contexts; and to archive them here on this website as a reference to new generations of Kelabit parents (and their children) and for all people around the world. 


The act of harvesting is sacred to the Kelabit and to many indigenous Dayak communities in Borneo. In the past, time was not measured by months and years, but by the cycles of planting and harvesting. The founders of this project, Alena Murang and Joshua Maran, are of the first generation of Kelabit to be born and raised outside of the rainforest. The cousin-duo are dedicated to their work in learning, researching and composing Kelabit music. They are guided by their elders, and by their own lived experiences.